The Right Outdoor Lighting for Your Orange County Property

Outdoor Lighting Orange County

Have you been looking at your property and wondering if it could be just a bit better lit at night? Does it feel like your outdoor lighting is lacking something? Over the years, we’ve talked to so many clients, and many of them just aren’t aware of what outdoor lighting in Orange County options are available. There’s so much that can be done with lights, in terms of temperatures, techniques, and more, that can make your property look and feel exactly how you want all night long.

Warm White: An Autumnal Mainstay

For the most part, we tend to design lighting systems with three different temperatures (or “colors”) of light. “Warm White,” at 2700K, tends to work best with natural-colored walls, stonework, and the like. It’s perfect for red, orange, or yellow foliage, which is just one of the reasons that it’s so popular during this time of year. We usually work it into properties that have surroundings made of warmer colors, such as brown and cedar. It’s called “Warm White” for multiple reasons.

Outdoor Lighting Orange County

More Lighting Temperature Solutions

As “warm” as Warm White lighting can be, another popular option is “Pure White” at 3000K. In contrast to Warm White, this is often utilized in properties that have surroundings of dark materials, colors such as black, gray, or deep slate. Should you have purple or blue foliage, we’re likely to work this into your lighting designs. The brightest light, aptly named “Bright White” at 4000K, best serves ultra-modern, cutting-edge homes and structures. As with everything else related to our lighting designs, we’ll provide you with the light temperatures that best fit your property.

Lighting Techniques for Your Property

Of course, there’s more to lighting designs than just the lights themselves. Indeed, how and where they’re placed on your property figures prominently into how they assist your property. To that end, we design lighting systems utilizing a wide range of techniques. For example, “grazing” may sound like something that just cows do, but it’s a lighting technique that adds both depths as well as dimension to the architectural features of a home or hardscape. If you’ve got stucco, brick, stonework, and similar, we can make it stand out when the moon’s out. By that same token, “shadowing” may sound counterintuitive at nighttime, but it’s a technique that projects the look of a tree or any sort of yard art onto a surface behind the object, making it really “pop.” Those are just a couple of the techniques we can harness.

Outdoor Lighting in Orange County Solutions

Between the lighting, techniques, and, of course, our decades of experience, we can make your property appear as you want it to when the lights come on. To help you to determine which lighting systems are best for you, we’re always willing to provide a free consultation. We’ll walk around your property with you, figuring out how to make it truly yours. To schedule this, message us through our site or call (949) 408-1050.