Outdoor Video

TVs these days are not just for the inside of the home. With new technologies and waterproofing methods, TVs can stay outside year-round. These TVs give you the ability to watch in full sunshine, partial shade, and full shade. With a different mounting system and the ability to integrate soundbars or connections to your outdoor speaker system, these TVs give you the ultimate flexibility to match your needs and home.

Outdoor Systems also designs and installs outdoor theaters. If this is something you would like to investigate, please contact us and we can come to your home to discuss the possibilities. Let us show you what can be done in your yard!

Look Book

Outdoor Dining Experience


Watch your favorite cooking show and get inspired!

Full Sun TVs

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Enjoy the big game outside!

Watch From the Pool

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Go ahead and splash it. It's waterproof!

Relax and Watch

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Summer night at the movies!

Above the Mantel

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Winter night at the movies, just add a log or two!

TV Dinner

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Get and keep the kids Outdoors!