Outdoor Audio and Outdoor Video: Your New Theater Under the Sun & Stars

outdoor video

After the last year, do you feel like you spend too much time inside and not enough out in your yard? Do you want to make your yard into the kind of welcoming, safe environment that you and yours could go out and enjoy during the day and at night? That’s exactly what we specialize in here at Outdoor Systems. With our outdoor lighting options, we can make your backyard safer, sure, but we can also make it the kind of place that you’ll want to spend hours in. We have multiple ways of doing just that.

Outdoor Video: Theater in the Round

For most people, when they hear the phrase “outdoor video,” they think of watching a video on their phone while they sit in the backyard. That’s not exactly the “theater experience,” and it’s certainly not at all like what we can provide. We can design an entire outdoor theater experience on your property. That could mean a “full sun TV,” where you’ll be able to watch the Super Bowl, your favorite cooking show, binge-watch obsession, or anything else from outside. Speaking of “cooking,” we’ve designed plenty of outdoor dining experiences as well so that you can watch whatever you want while you’re grilling and entertaining. You can even watch from the pool.

outdoor video

Outdoor Audio: Concierto in Your Yard

Of course, if you’re going to watch something outside, you’re going to have to be able to hear it, too. The days of linking tinny speakers from your indoor desktop to the backyard on a power strip or something similar are long gone. Today, our audio professionals can design an entire outdoor audio experience. The speakers can go in your garden, rocks, in your planters, mounted on the surface of your home, all while being supported by below-ground subwoofers. We understand that in Southern California, it can be well over one hundred degrees one day and pouring down rain the next. So, many of our speakers have been engineered to continue to maintain superior sound while handling harsh conditions.

What That All Can Mean

Just imagine: you and the family go outside to eat dinner while everyone enjoys a 4K movie in surround sound. Or, alternatively, you have all of your friends over for a great party, with a movie playing in the background… and then, later on, someone gets the idea to plug their karaoke machine into the speakers. We can open up your backyard to limitless possibilities.

Outdoor Lighting Solutions

That said, video and audio for the outdoors are just some of what we offer. To get the most out of what’s mentioned above, you’re probably going to want the very best in outdoor lighting as well. We’re always more than glad to offer a free design consultation. We tend to do these on your property so that we can see and show you the possibilities in real-time. To schedule this, you can send a message through our site or call (949) 408-1050. For the best in outdoor audio as well as outdoor audio and so much more, you can reach us at (949) 408-1050.