How to do Landscape Lighting Design?

landscape lighting design

Landscape lighting design can add curb appeal to your garden, walkway, or entrance areas. Even if you have an existing system, the design can enhance to reflect new styles or update your landscaping.

How to Start Landscape Lighting Design?

Before you even start this job, it’s best to hire a landscape lighting designer or a company that specializes in landscape lighting. If you live near Orange County, you’re in luck because Outdoor Systems Landscape Lighting operates throughout OC and San Diego County. The company offers lighting design consultation to help you get a good grasp on how having a good design can make a huge difference to the result of the lighting system.

landscape lighting design

What Ideas for Your Landscape Lighting?

However, before you consult with the company, you should first form ideas for your landscape. You can convey your ideas to the designer of Outdoor Systems Chris Erca. He can turn your ideas into reality. And not just turn them into reality but ensure that what you have in mind will be laid out perfectly and beautifully in real life.

If you don’t have ideas for your landscape lighting, you may refer to architectural magazines or go online and search for a landscape layout. You’ll be surprised to know the endless possibilities of installing landscape lighting in your garden, porches, driveways, and several other areas of your house.

Choosing Landscape Lighting Fixtures

You can leave this part to our designer and installer of your landscape lighting. Chris will help you select the right fixtures for every designated area. When choosing the lighting fixtures, there are things you need to answer. One is if there’s an existing lighting system and how large is the layout.

If there’s no existing lighting system, Outdoors System can pick the ones that are right for the areas. For instance, path and area lights are great for walkways. Accent lights can create dramatic effects if they are used up. If they are used for downlighting, they can create subtle moods. You can adjust them depending on the illumination that you want to achieve. They can illuminate tree trunks, eaves, dormers, and other architectural elements.

Hardscape fixtures are also popular options in landscape lighting design. They are typically chosen and installed on deck handrails, outdoor kitchen counters, window ledges, etc. And if you have a pond or a well, you can opt for a submersible lighting fixture.

Wires and Power Supplies

In addition to finding the right fixtures, it’s also critical to decide what voltage system to use. For instance, if you pick a 12V low-voltage system, you are likely to have several runs that can extend from one transformer to all landscape fixtures. This can become complicated if you don’t know how the voltage system works. This is why you must opt to work with a landscape lighting design company and consult with Chris Erca. He can guide you throughout your lighting system project to ensure you get the outcome that you want. To schedule your free landscape lighting design consultation, you may call (949) 625-0310.