Outdoor Pool and patio with Outdoor Music System, Garden Speakers and Landscape Lighting Installed.

Outdoor Audio

Outdoor Audio Systems have come a long way from a pair of speakers attached to the house or a pair of rock speakers in the garden. Don't get me wrong we still use these types of speakers we just design the systems a little differently. Today's designs offer dynamic full range systems with multiple speakers and if needed sub woofers. In recent years manufactures have really stepped up their game in the design and development of Speakers and Sub woofers for the outdoor environment. Multiple speakers placed throughout the listening area gives the listener a very even sound-stage that doesn't need to be loud to hear or enjoy. A cool byproduct with this type of design is that we can put very high quality systems in yards without disturbing your close neighbors.  OUTDOOR SYSTEMS brings 38 years of experience to your backyard. Let us show you what can be done in your yard!

Outdoor Speaker Options

Garden Speakers

Sonance  Landscape Speaker

Designed to mimic landscape lighting heads and blend in with your landscape.

Flush Mount Speakers

Outdoor Architectural Speakers installed in Ceiling

Engineered to handle harsh conditions while maintaining superior sound and visual qualities.

Surface Mount

Surface Mount Speakers mount to the side of a house for Outdoor Music System

 Surface Mounted Speakers offers great

 performance in a sleek contemporary cabinet.  


In-Ground Landscape Sub woofer installed in garden.

 Below-ground and hardscape subwoofers provide superior bass while seamlessly blending into your landscape and patio environments.  

Rock Speakers

Outdoor Rock Style Speakers place in Garden.

Rock Speakers are weather-resistant speakers that add to or blend in with the environment.

Planter Speakers

Planter Speaker on Patio for outdoor music system.

These speakers are used to add sound to patio areas without the compromise of seeing the speakers.

How Do We Make your yard sound great

...With 38 Years Of Experience Designing Outdoor Audio Systems!

Architectural plan for an Outdoor Music System. Showing placement of the Garden Speakers and Sub.

By  carrying products from multiple manufactures we are able to design and Install an Outdoor Audio System that fits your needs and your budget.

Generate Excitement!

Sonance Sonarray outdoor speaker package. 8 satellite speakers and 1 sub woofer are all included.

Create Rich Full-Range Dynamic Sound with 8-Satellite Speakers and a 10 Inch buried Subwoofer all powered by a 400 Watt Power Amplifier. Just one of the many  System Packages offered by OUTDOOR SYSTEMS. 

Sound Heard But Not Seen!

Outdoor Patio with Sonos Music System and Hidden Satellite Garden Speakers.

By Using Satellite Garden Speakers throughout your listing area you get very even coverage of music without having to turn the volume up to hear them. A BIG PLUS when you have close neighbors. All while not seeing the speakers. 

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