How Does Landscape Lighting Work?

landscape lighting company Orange County

Many homeowners in Orange County focus on ensuring that their front door is decorated perfectly. What they don’t realize is that a lack of curb appeal can negatively affect the overall exterior even if they have the best interior design. Hence, if you wish you improve the curb appeal of your property, make sure to consult with our landscape lighting company in Orange County.

Landscape Lighting Company in Orange County to Improve Curb Appeal

Landscape lighting projects should not be taken lightly. Keep in mind that landscape lighting if done wrong can diminish the curb appeal of your house, even if you have the most attractive interior design. When you work with our landscape lighting company in OC, you will receive a free design consultation. It involves our team visiting your property to discover the things that can be done to enhance the overall curb appeal with lighting.

landscape lighting company Orange County

How Does Landscape Lighting Work?

Landscape lighting works by installing electrical wires to power all the lights in your property’s exterior. To distribute safe voltage to landscaping lights, you need the main component — the transformer. Our Outdoor Systems team will help you pick a transformer with more power or watts than the overall watts of the lighting fixtures you are going to use.

In addition to the transformer, the next important component of a landscape lighting system is the wiring. The wires will connect the fixtures to the transformer. But they are installed on the ground and attached to every light fixture. The wire is buried up to three inches deep under. Don’t worry about an electrical shock because it’s a low-voltage lighting system.

Can You Mix Any Light Fixtures and Bulbs?

Any light fixtures can be placed 10 feet from the transformer and each other. Low-voltage lighting can be mixed with any fixture type that you wish to use along the same transformer line. However, the proper wattage of every bulb must be known first to ensure that the rating won’t exceed the overall ability of the transformer. This is vital because if you place five 200-watt bulbs on a transformer with 600 watts, the lights won’t work. If they do, they will appear dim.

How to Save on Electricity Costs?

Landscape lighting can increase your electricity cost. That’s why to save money on your utility bill, you can attach a photocell to the transformers. In that way, the lights will automatically shut off at sunrise. Then, they come on again at sunset. Another way is to use a timer. Whether you choose a timer or a photocell, these accessories can block and provide electricity when only needed. If you still want to know more about how landscape lighting works, you can schedule a consultation with our landscape lighting company in Orange County. Call us here: (949) 615-0310.

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